Life Principles of Paul M. League 

Paul is guided, in both his personal and business life, by important ethical and moral principles.

Paul was raised by loving and caring parents, who cultivated in him — largely through their own personal examples — a true sense of personal responsibility, concern for others, and a solid work ethic that incorporated the importance of living a life of integrity and honesty. Paul has faithfully carried out these principles throughout his life.

Paul Co-Founded the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF QUALIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS ( and helped establish their Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, along with bringing about objectively measurable disciplinary procedures and professional standards, to help foster these same kinds of life principles throughout the Financial Planning Profession, and its duly credentialed professionals.

Additionally, Paul strictly also adheres to the Ethics & Professional Conduct Standards of the various Regulatory Agencies for each of his prior Securities Registrations, Insurance Licenses, and Professional credentialing entities.

Essentially, Paul holds to the view that success should not be measured in the number of clients, amount of money, or in the possessions one has, but by nurturing purposeful, caring relationships, that are mutually beneficial and enriching in the eternal sense.

Paul believes in a divine Creator, and that therefore life has both eternal purpose and meaning. Paul expresses such understandings in articles he has written like “Creator Links”… if you have interest in learning more about such views please click here.

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