Combination Insurance Products that Provide both
Long Term Care Benefits & Life Insurance

As the awareness of the need for Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi”) grows, ever better options have been developed to best meet this growing public need.

Of all the available options, aside from Traditional LTCi, those that are asset-based are among the most desirable.

Unlike traditional LTCi policies, the asset-based version — a Universal Life Insurance product that accumulates a cash value — tacks on a Long Term Care Benefits Rider, that results in a “Combination Insurance Product” that includes both a tax-free death benefit and long term care benefits.

One of the most desirable features of such “Combination Insurance Products” is that someone always receives some form of benefit as follows:

  • either, the policyholder can use the death benefit to pay for long-term care if he/she ever needs it, and if not,

  • the heirs receive the death benefit, which is both income tax and probate free.

We are proud to provide the most viable asset-based products from top-tier carriers.

Pease read the attached Article for a more complete understanding of the pros and cons. Once you do you will better appreciate how we use these in our overall Financial & Insurance Planning recommendations:

Combination Insurance Products Providing Both Long Term Care Coverage & Life Insurance Benefits


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