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SECTION 1: Financial Services (Retirement Plans, and also see “Executive Benefits for Owners” at bottom of this page)




       Retirement Plans – All Types Described (Annuity & Life Insurance Funded)

IRA, ROTH IRA & Educational Savings Accounts (Annuity Funded)

412(i) Life & Annuity Funded Retirement Plan

403(b)/TSA (for teachers and hospital employees – (Annuity Funded)

Seniors & Financial Conservatives: Sound Ways to Chart Your Financial Future

Annuities (Income & Accumulation):

        Annuities – General Overview of ANNUITY TYPES (Fixed & Indexed) & Important Disclosures



SECTION 2: Insurance Services





Life Insurance – Types Explained (TERM Life, ROP Life & CASH VALUE Life)

Life Insurance – Asset Accumulation Plans (“LIAAPs”)

Life Settlements – Alternative to Lapsing Older Life Policies

INSURANCE SERVICES – Non-Employer/Employee Group:

Listing of Offered Insurance Coverage’s

Chiropractic Benefit Plans for Individuals, Families, and Employer Groups

Critical Illness Insurance – A Cash Benefit Survival Type of Insurance

Dental & Vision Plans

Disability – Income Protection Insurance

Discount Benefits Cards – Rx, Dental, Vision (non-insurance programs)

Funding an HSA with IRA Assets

Health Insurance – The ACA (“Obamacare”)

Health Insurance – Plan Types Explained (HMO; PPO; MSP; HCSP; EPO; etc.)

Covered California Exchange-Marketplace Health Insurance (“Obamacare” – 4 Standardized Metallic Plans with Plan Types:  HMO; PPO; MSP; HCSP; EPO; HSA (Health Plan ONLY–Savings Accounts established separately); etc.

HRAs – Health Reimbursement Arrangements

HSAs – Health Savings Account (a High Ded. Health Plan & Savings Account)

Long Term Care Insurance (“LTCi”) Coverage Options:

Combination Insurance Products that Provide both Long Term Care Benefits & Life Insurance

Traditional — Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) – Nursing Home & Home Health Care

Medicare Supplemental Plans:

Article “The ABCs and Now Ds of Medicare”

Medicare Part D – Rx Explained

Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medi-Gap & Medicare Advantage Plans) – Live Quotes, Compare & Apply

Student Health Insurance

Vision Plans

        Worldwide Travel Health Insurance

GROUP INSURANCE SERVICES (Employer/Employees Group Plan Benefits):

Plan Design Types Explained

Affordable Care Act (“ACA” – “Obamacare”)

Cafeteria Section 125 Benefits Plans—A Flexible Benefit Plan Illustration

Dental & Vision Plans

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Flexible Spending Accounts

Section 457-Deferred Compensation Plans


Benefit Plans – Rules & Census

LTD – Long Term Disability

TERM Life (IRC Section 79)

HRAs – Health Reimbursement Arrangements

HSAs – Health Savings Account (a High Ded. Health Plan & Savings Account)

Medical Expenses – Insured Reimbursement Plans (IRC Section 105(h))

Participation and Contribution Rules & Regs

Pension & Retirement Plan Types Explained

Self-Funded (Aggregate & Specific Stop-Loss Ins.) – Group Insurance Plans

Voluntary Benefits Insurance

Worldwide Travel Medical / Health Insurance (5+ Lives)

[Special: Tax law changes surrounding insurance and other areas as a result of Health Care “Reforms”. CLICK HERE for an Overview of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010” (also known as the “ACA″ and also aka:  “Obamacare“), AND the subsequent Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA)].


SECTION 3: Executive Benefits for Business Owners





Executive Benefits (Keyman & Owners)

ERISA Exemption Strategy & Remedy to ECFA

Estate Tax Reduction & Planning Strategies (with link to IRD Law)



SECTION IV: Worldwide Travel Medical / Health Insurance



Individual & Family – Worldwide Travel Medical Insurance


SECTION V: Financial & Insurance Articles
Articles Link

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