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We provide design and implementation services for all forms of Pension and/or Retirement Plans, in conjunction with many of the nations leading sponsors and Administrators.

A Brief Overview of What Retirement Plans Are and the Various Types:

Retirement Plans are generally referred to as either Qualified or Non-Qualified Plans, meaning that they either do or do not come under the rules, regulations, requirements and protections of ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974).

The reason that plans subject to ERISA are asset protected, is because there is a Trust created to assure the benefits of a Plan and employees interests in those Plans. The assets for Plans of a one-person company, or an owner-only company, may not enjoy the same level of protection as if the business also had multiple employees, as the primary thrust of any asset protection afforded under ERISA Qualified Plans is for the covered employees rather than owners or principles.

Non-ERISA Covered Plans (“Non-Qualified”) are generally not asset protected from creditors and function under a Custodial structure. Examples include a: Traditional IRA (only Rollover IRAs from ERISA covered Plans are asset protected from litigation, whereas Contributory IRAs are not); ROTH IRA; SIMPLE; SEP (Simplified Employee Pension – a variation of an IRA); 403b/TSA (these plans are an evolving area and it is uncertain as to whether or not they may fall under the asset protection of ERISA. They are moving towards being the same as ERISA covered 401k Plans. A 403b with employer contributions is likely to fall under ERISA, but employee salary deferral 403b Plans are not); etc.

ERISA Covered Plans (“Qualified”) are generally asset protected from creditors and function under a Trustee structure. Examples include a: 401k Group & Single Employer 401k Plans; Money Purchase; Profit Sharing (New Comparability); Defined Benefit; 412(e)3 Defined Benefit Plans (historically best known as 412i Plans – fully guaranteed and funded with either a Fixed Annuity, Whole Life Insurance or a combination of the two).

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412(i) Defined Benefit

403(b) TSA


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IRS Retirement Plan Limitations for all 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing & Defined Benefit Plans

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