“Creator Links”
by Paul M. League

Paul believes that life has meaning and purpose, and that a life lived without acknowledgement and reverence of the Creator is a life volitionally devoid of true meaning, purpose and real joy.

Many contend that there is no proof of a Creator i.e., God, but we see evidences of a Creator existing everywhere; hence, the title to this paper “Creator Links.”

We contend that the root problem in this world and between mankind, from the simple to the most serious, lies in mankind’s failure and/or unwillingness to recognize, acknowledge and to live a life in accord with the plans of its’ Creator God.

One has only to look at history to see the many devastating results to mankind as it has failed to acknowledge a life lived in the recognition and honoring of its Creator. Hitler’s distorted Arian superiority race beliefs and the resulting Holocaust, which were all rooted in the unscientific and world-without-God speculations of Charles Darwin, is but one example, although it has its’ referents throughout history all the way back to before the Babylonians. The facts are that Darwin’s evolutionary links remain absent in the fossil records, thereby entirely invalidating his theories of a world devoid of a Creator, while, in contrast, evidences of a magnificent Creator God abound.

The Cambrian explosion shows the complex life forms literally “exploded” into existence…they did not “evolve,” and they certainly did not directionally evolve (an ape did not “evolve” into a man, and no evolutionary links between differing species have ever been found). Species certainly have adapted to their environments, but they have never evolved into new species as fossil records clearly affirm.

Leading modern scientists and an abundance of scientific evidence shows that life has been intelligently created, and that there must be, by logic, a Creator. Science now permits mankind to see what could heretofore not be seen, and these newly seen evidences support the existence of that Creator. For example, we are now able to see into the complex molecular code structures of the DNA building blocks of life, as well as being able to look out into the farthest expanses of the universe, and the evidence is in — massive Creator Links (irreducibly complex in design, right down to the simplest cell) affirm, with a preponderance of scientific evidences, that a other-worldly, highly intelligent, Creator is responsible for such intricate complexity. Further, the evidence shows that creation was not only magnificently done, but that it was also purposeful, with mankind centrally in mind (see William Dembski – expert on Intelligent Design).

The materialistic, purposeless, relativistic world view, and its reliance on the Copernican Principle (if some life exists here it “must” have also happened countless other times and places in the universe…and is therefore haphazardly, not purposefully created) is ever being dealt irreparable death blows as more and more empirical answers are uncovered through such scientific discoveries as the DNA Codes, and by technological and equipment advances, like the newer and stronger galactic piercing telescopes, that allow scientists to peer back in time to the very origins of our universe. Science reveals that the universe literally exploded into existence billions of years ago (the “Big Bang” hypothesis) and, that around the time of the previously mentioned Cambrian Explosion, it was filled with multitudes of creatures fully developed and able to sustain life.

Engineers vs. theoretical scientists very clearly recognize and appreciate the competing goals when undertaking the designing of anything – constrained optimization, not perfection, most commonly being the target – and the world made by our Creator was and is exactly that; namely, as stated in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament Bible, “very good.” Our Creator chose to make an imperfect-ed time space world that He will eventually make perfect in a future new world also of His making. Why He did this is still a mystery, but that He did it is not.

The purposelessness theories of certain scientists are supposedly based on scientific method and discovery; however, the so called evidence of science is fast fading in the face of the real evidences of irreducibly complex, purposeful, intelligent designs that could not have come into existence by evolution, or long periods of time, but only by an intelligent and purposeful Designer. Time, even billions of years, and chance, do not produce complexity and masterful design…only intelligence does. Therefore, it is obvious that this complex thing we call life, as well as our universe, was purposefully designed and created, without chance having anything whatsoever to do with creation. Life is, therefore, not an accident. We are not descendants of animals or spawned out of some cosmic chemical soup, but we are divinely created beings in the image and likeness of our Creator God (“imago Dei”).

Acknowledgment of these many Creator Links sounds a very clear message that continues, for those who embrace it, to positively transform lives, and for those who do not, or will not, to an aimless embrace of the meaningless, non-existent transitional links of Darwinian-like misguided theories and speculations.

Paul is of the Judeo-Christian heritage and is a believer in the Creator and the historical Messiah – The Christ – who lovingly incarnated in a purposeful plan to offer mankind salvation through grace and faith alone. Christ laid down His life as the perfect (only God could live a human existence free of sin and unrighteousness) sacrifice to fully atone for (pay for) the sins of mankind (God is a just and holy and therefore must Judge the sinful, with the penalty payment of sin being death).

Holy sacrifice was the system that God first established for mankind to be able to atone for its sins. Christ then demonstrated his divinity by performing miracles and, in the end, by conquering over death through His sacrificial death and subsequent Resurrection (3-days later) – a feat witnessed by over 500 persons of his time over a 40-day period of time. His feat resulted in the birthing of the Christian Church, which over the past 2000+ years has resulted in billions of “know-ers” (believers) worldwide.

Most of the original Apostles, the teachers of the early Church, were martyred, giving up life itself to teach others, at whatever personal cost to them the truth of God’s redemptive plan for mankind, not for a lie or deception of Christ’s divinity, but because of their total firsthand knowledge and informed belief that Christ was indeed the very God incarnate.

Ask yourself this important question: Have you ever known of anyone willingly giving up his life for another based on what they know to be a lie? These Apostles, the initial recipients of the truth, knew Christ firsthand, they witnessed his many miracles, his ultimate sacrifice, and his glorious resurrection. They knew Christ and his plan of salvation as a personal reality, and were called upon to share it with the world regardless of personal cost. These original twelve Apostles came from many walks of life, and they were capable, intelligent and practical persons who would not have sacrificed all they had, and certainly not their lives, for a lie, dream, or a baseless or hollow blind faith.

Christ’s redemptive plan continues to live, expand, and save as the numbers of believers continues ever increasing throughout the world. Believers are thereby saved with and for a purpose – to turn, which means to repent and change one’s ways, to the Lord and to recognize and glorify Him, and to serve Him, by witnessing to others as it was from the beginning when the Messiah proved his divinity by conquering over death through his glorious resurrection, and ascension, into life eternal. The Messiah lives and calls each of us to join Him in a fully perfected, eternally loving relationship with Him. We find out from Scripture that God is love, and Christ instructed all mankind to love one another as He loved, and continues to love, all mankind.

Our responsibility is to believe in Him, to live a life in recognition of God’s sovereignty, to change our unrighteous ways and to instead walk in this “good news” of a risen, loving God, who merely asks us to exercise our free choice to believe in Him and His plans for us, and to walk with Him in righteousness instead of sin (non-recognition and non-adherence to God’s just and holy Will).

As the Bible’s John 3:16 (NKJV) explains:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

The operative words here are that God lovingly gave, he did not take, and so teaches us perhaps the most important “Golden Rule” about life; namely, to learn what pure, moral, and just love is all about, and to then love one another, through our deeds and words, as God proves he too loves us. Much pain and suffering in the world is avoidable were this one principle more sufficiently understood and applied. Thankfully for us, God the Creator of all life as we know it, is a benevolent, loving, forgiving, patient and wholly righteous and purposeful Creator…and so, He affords us the opportunity to change.

God’s standards are communicated to us all through a combination of His written Word (the Bible), personal prayer, and by His Holy Spirit. The primary and most audible conduit used by God to communicate with us is via our conscience, and the Holy Spirit within each believer is the source of that communication. However, one must receive Christ into his life and begin living according to His will in order for such indwelling, and communication of the Holy Spirit, to fruitfully occur.

Paul routinely studies the Holy Bible and theological commentaries (see some such resources below), serves in his local and extended Church, and is one who daily strives, in both his personal and professional life, to be guided and directed by the Lord. Paul uses all of these resourceful gifts of God to guide him in both his personal and professional life, and are the basis on which he lives life, encouraged by one of many of God’s promises that:

“…whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away”
2 Corinthians 3:16 (NIV)

The word “veil” literally refers to the physical veil that separated mankind from God in the Holy Temple in the days of King Solomon. Veil, taken as a metaphor, can also represent all that blocks us from having access to, communicating directly with, understanding and personally knowing the Lord. This verse reveals the absolute assurance, hope, love and personal access that God, through the sacrifice of Christ, affords each of us if only we would turn to Him (see Hank Hanegraaff, host of the nationwide “Bible Answer Man Broadcast” and his book – The Apocalypse Code, at: www.equip.org).

We are told in the New Testament Bible, Hebrews 11:6, that in order to please God we must “believe that He is and that He rewards those who seek Him” —  trusting that God is indeed right in what He says and what He expects of us. Belief or faith, to be rational and also valid, does not have to be a 100% verifiable proof of God’s existence. What is necessary to stir up and cultivate one’s faith and validate truth is, instead, a reliance on a preponderance of the facts and evidences in support of that supposition. We hope by your reading of this article that you too may now be better equipped to appreciate and more clearly see the many Creator Links that are so very thorough and supportive of the existence of a Creator God. We hope that this information will also bring you to the point where you are at least willing and ready to stop rejecting or otherwise ignoring God, and that you will then move to love and worship Him out of a reasonable faith rooted in facts and evidences. Another way to state this is as does the well known defender of the faith (Apologetics) Dr. Norman Geisler when he states in the title to his and Frank Turek’s ground breaking book: “I don’t have enough Faith to be an Atheist”…nor do any of us! Geisler & Turek, in this book, further state the following, which needs to be very carefully considered as one decides either to believe or not to believe in a Creator, and to engage in a relationship with Him, and the free choice God imbued in each of us to either accept Him or reject Him:

“This freedom to make choices – even the freedom to reject truth – is what makes us moral creatures and enables each of us to choose our ultimate destiny….And in order to ensure that our choice is truly free, he puts us in an environment that is filled with evidence of his existence, but without his direct presence – a presence so powerful that it could overwhelm our freedom and thus negate our ability to reject him. In other words, God has provided enough evidence in this life to convince anyone so as to not compel the unwilling. In this way, God gives us the opportunity either to love him or to reject him without violating our freedom. In fact, the purpose of this life is to make that choice freely and without coercion….for love, by definition, must be freely given. It cannot be coerced. (p.31, Introduction. Bolding and underline added for emphasis).”

From what we have discussed herein, along with the following resources, there is ample reason to believe in the One True Creator God. Will the reader agree to live the kind of life God intended for our sustenance, protection, and our happiness? If the answer is yes, understand that this is only possible by the grace of our Lord and not by our own determination or works. Why? Because all mankind is in a fallen state where sin, rather than righteousness, comes more naturally to us, and most often rules the day; therefore, as we repent and willfully agree to walk in Christ’s ways, we must also daily pray for His guidance and forgiveness, knowing that it is through His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, and His Righteousness alone, that we are saved. We cannot do it independent of God’s grace and the indwelling help of His Holy Spirit…and none of that can happen until we first believe in Him. We cannot do it without Him. Our hope and prayer is that the reader will agree to walk according to God’s plan, lovingly interacting and living together as family, friends, societies, businesses, governments and countries as the Creator intended for our utmost temporal and eternal well being, happiness, and joy.


Paul suggests the following website that provides over 20 Bible translations as a most helpful resource to assist in observing the Life Principles enumerated in the Holy Bible: 


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Article from A Laypersons Perspective (2012): “What Is Truth? Practical Implications of Biblical Prophetic Truths from the Orthodox (partial) Preterist Perspective” by Paul M. League

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