Group Health & Benefits are essential forms of coverage for businesses of all sizes.

Due to the ACA (“Obamacare”) Law all Group Health Plans are issued without pre-existing condition exclusions and Medical Underwriting is also a thing of the past.

Group TERM Life Insurance:

Under IRC Section 79, and for Groups of 10+ employees, benefits are usually based upon non-medical underwriting (guaranteed issue) up to certain levels of added coverage (i.e. often 50k -250k coverage amounts). Since the first $50,000 of Group TERM Life is tax deductible and income tax free to covered employees and executives (IRC Section 79), this is often the “first line of defense” that most individuals want to see covered via their employers.

Most Insurers offer substantial discounts for larger basic amounts of this coverage, especially when tied to a multiple of salary schedule.

We design and provide access to many programs of Group Health & Benefits from some of the nations top Insurers.

Please contact us for quotes and plan designs to meet your specific needs by calling us at 800.482.5347, or by filling out our convenient online CENSUS FORM that will automatically be emailed to us for processing on your behalf.


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